Coronavirus. What changes for labor law

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29 Febbraio 2020
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Smart working senza accordo scritto in tutto il territorio nazionale
2 Marzo 2020
News Lavoro - Studio Venturin - Padova

The risk of contagion from Coronavirus is generating a great alarm worldwide, also verified in Italy. The obligation of extraordinary measures to protect the health and safety of citizens and workers and to help businesses and professionals manage the organizational difficulties due to the health emergency was thus made necessary. All companies have been required to provide appropriate information to their employees with additional precautions for particularly vulnerable employees. Lastly, the Decree provides that, within areas considered at risk during national or local emergency situations, smart working is temporarily applied to all employees of the zones at risk.

Fonte: IPSOA – Informazione quotidiana su fisco, lavoro e pensioni, bilancio, gestione d’impresa e finanziamenti.

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